Irene C. Zingg, P.A.
Real Estate Consultant (English/Español)
(561) 400-7717

If you are thinking in buying a home around Boca Raton area Irene will certainly be a great choice. She is not only a very good professional and knowledgeable realtor but also a very honest, straightforward, flexible and customer minded person. So, you can be worry free about unpleasant hassles or uncomfortable situations during your purchase experience. To complement the aforementioned facts she is always focused in making sure your purchase is the right purchase for you in every way.

From making sure the property is in good shape to guiding you through the whole process to help you find out insurance and other services quotations. Excellent supporting team. Finally, her remarkable local real estate knowledge and negotiation skills saved me an extra $5K I was not expecting. I consider very important to mention that it was my first real estate purchase experience in the US. Hence, I needed someone who I can trust and also who can provide me the necessary real estate advice to make the right choice. By the time I made my decision I got the feeling I was very well prepared to go for it.

Having said that I feel confident enough to highly recommend Irene as a wonderful realtor you will be more than happy to work with.

Javier Hernandez

Boca Raton, FL



This is my third time buying a property with Irene. As an investor, working with someone who is reliable in every aspect, is priceless. With all my experiences I have noted that Irene is always two steps ahead of any given situation. Given the fact that she truly is an expert at what she does, not only helped me find exactly what I was looking for, but was always ready to handle anything. The process of finding a property that fits with your criteria is not easy, but Irene makes everything smoother and trustworthy. Her professionalism skills are shown by how organized she is with everything. Did not doubt her once with the negotiations, and know I own three properties. Irene always meets your expectations and more. Besides, her charm and positivity makes the journey a beautiful one instead of a stressful one.

JG, Caracas Venezuela




As a first-time buyer, Irene was the best realtor that could happen to me! She was very knowledgeable about prices and properties; she was an excellent negotiator; she anticipated the process instead of reacting to it; she was very diligent about explaining all the details; and she did all this with courtesy and good humor. If you pick Irene as your next realtor, you'll be in the best hands!!

Gisou Chacin

Boca Raton, FL



Irene went above and beyond to make the process of finding my rental condo a very smooth and positive one. She is a clear expert in, not only realty, but also relationship building and enabling whomever she is working with to feel comfortable and at ease in the sometimes frustrating process of looking for and securing a new place to live. I love my condo and I have Irene to thank for that.

Katie Burk

Boca Raton, FL




Irene is a very professional realtor, she has manages a property for us and helped us buy an Apartment in Aventura. She always informs you of any details directly or not, that can be very convenient not only at the moment of purchase but also as a future investment. She was always available for any questions and helped with every detail. I would highly recommend her.

Verena Engelberg

Caracas, Venezuela




When we decided to purchase a home in Miami we were clue less and confused as to the whole process, we were absolutely fortunate to have Irene Zingg as our realtor; I would not hesitate twice to definitely recommend her to anyone that is house hunting in the south Florida area! Irene listened to our wants and needs to help us find not only the perfect home, but the perfect neighborhood too. She was extremely attentive, patient and always receptive when we had questions or wanted to see different homes. - We are 100% satisfied with our experience with Irene.

Juan Carlos Velasquez

Pinecrest, FL




Irene is the best agent I have ever worked with. We just bought a condo, Irene was always available to answer our questions & guide us thru a sometimes difficult buying process.

Mark Schintzer

Coconut Creek, FL



Excellent Real estate agent, knowledgeable and efficient. She goes out of her way to accommodate your requests and needs. Kept me updated all times on the status of the property and helped in the negotiations.

Alejandro & Elena Nauta

Boca Raton, FL



Irene Zingg has been my Realtor since 2006. I couldn’t have chosen a better Realtor. She listens carefully, asks perceptive questions, and quickly comprehends what I need. She ingeniously puts the resources and tools available to her to maximum use. She demonstrates the highest level of competency in the skills and knowledge required. Irene displays excellent verbal skills in Spanish and English. She is careful to keep me and others informed in a timely manner; and last but not least, she possesses impressive negotiation skills… She is and will be my Realtor for year to come.

Alan Benarroch

Boca Raton, FL


Dear Irene,

I want you to know how extremely please I was with the way in which you handled the sale of my home in Fort Lauderdale. Real Estate is not my field but I am certainly glad that is your area of expertise. It was comforting to know that you had absolute control of all the processes and procedures. Your knowledge of real estate was tremendously important, especially since I was traveling during the entire process.

I’m so glad that I listened to your advice and recommendations on all matters of the sale from the advertising to the closing. I plan to recommend you to everyone I know or come in contact with in the event they are looking for a trustworthy realtor. Thank you for everything, Patricia Patterson.


Zillow review: “Irene Zingg is an excellent realtor. She sold my house and closed for me even though I was out of the country. She is bilingual and very professional. Do yourself a favor. Use her services!”

Pat Patterson

Cooper City, FL



I would like to express my gratitude for your outstanding service as a Real Estate Agent.  It was a smooth transaction handled very professionally.


Armando Ramirez

Cooper City, FL



Contar con Irene es la experiencia más completa que como Realtor global puede encontrar cualquier inversionista del real estate.

El profesionalismo y dedicación a su trabajo se refleja en la altísima calidad de resultados en la búsqueda de oportunidades; todas caracterizadas por una notoria certeza numérica donde nunca se suceden “sorpresas” prevaleciendo por sobre todo los intereses de su cliente.

Ajustada siempre a los más estrictos parámetros que le garanticen estabilidad económica y legal a sus representados.

Contar con Irene es un plus en cualquier inversión inmobiliaria, nunca dejaremos de agradecerle su dedicación, profesionalismo y atención personalizada permanente.

Mil gracias Irene…


Ronald Tagliaferro Padrón y familia

Caracas, Venezuela



Nuestra experiencia con la Sra Irene Zingg de RE/MAX fue y sigue siendo muy agradable, mi familia y yo nos encontramos desde el comienzo con un ambiente familiar y un trato muy personalizado, ayudándonos en todo momento y aun después de cumplir con su trabajo de maravilla está pendiente de que todo esté bien. Gracias a Dios por poner en nuestro camino a una Sra tan especial.


Alex y Paula Jaramillo

Boca Raton, FL 



Dear Irene,


Thank you so much for your assistance in helping us purchase our first house! We especially appreciate the dedication and hard work you did for us: negotiating the contract, securing the home inspection, opening our FPL account and just taking the time to go over all details of getting us settled. You made yourself available when we could look at properties and you were always easy to reach whenever we had a question. You even put the icing on the cake by gifting us a wonderful bottle of champagne.

It was a real pleasure working with you and we wouldn't hesitate in recommending you to anyone.

Once again, thank you very much for all you've done for us.



Florian and Corina Eremia

Boca Raton, Fl



Hi Irene, my wife and I just want to say thank you for all your help. You were very patient and really honest with us.

Thanks for helping me and my family to find a nice place to live.


Att. Rony & Andrea Corea

Coconut Creek, Fl




 “My partner and I decided to purchase a bank foreclosure with plans to remodel and resell. In the beginning we dealt with several realtors until we met Irene Zingg. She was extremely helpful in finding a property, advising us on the price to pay and the potential resale price. She helped us choose a desirable neighborhood and house that would make for an easy sale. Once we purchased the house she gave us advice on how to make it more desirable in a cost effective way. She was always available during the remodeling process to offer constructive comments. Once completed, Irene helped decide on a sale price that offered a nice profit and a reasonably quick sale. Because of Irene's help in choosing a desirable house and neighborhood, acceptable offers came in very quickly. During the loan process, Irene guided us along the way. She did her best to hurry things along and keep us updated. At the end my partner and I did well and were very happy with our choice of Irene Zingg to represent our interests. She did an outstanding job in every respect and I recommend her highly”.


Donald Eller

Las Vegas, NE




"I am a happy client of Irene's.  After a visit to view some properties with her, Irene knew what I was looking for and was able to find me a winner.  As a Canadian buyer, I needed an agent with the experience to make my purchase go smoothly and Irene delivered."



Toronto Canada


We are very happy with the service you provided and would not hesitate to recommend you to our friends or agents.

R & M P

Brokers for a RE/MAX Real Estate Company in Toronto Canada


“Irene is very professional and very knowledgeable to the south Florida area. She made good recommendations on locations and the houses, she is thorough and very thoughtful, she guided me through every step of the process. Irene always responded to all of my questions promptly with professional suggestions and detailed information. As a first international buyer, I don't have much knowledge of how to buy a house in the States. Irene made the process from looking for a house to closing the house so easy for me. Thank you, Irene, you helped me buy a house I love”.

Wei Hong

Toronto Canada



I am a real estate agent from Toronto, Canada and my husband and I have looked for many years at buying a vacation home in Florida. One of the biggest challenges was identifying a real estate agent in Florida that was still actively in business and able to provide the kind of responsive service we were looking for. Once I described what our needs were for a vacation home, Irene knew right away the best area to look and found the perfect place for us in Boca Raton. Shortly afterward, we also found a condo nearby for my senior parents. Irene was knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful throughout. It was great working with her and I have since referred a number of other Canadian buyers to her. I feel confident that they will be well taken care of by Irene.



Toronto, Canada



Dear Irene,


     Thank you so much for helping me and my family to find our first house.  You made the process less scary to me as a first time home buyer explaining everything step by step so that I understood what needed to be done from beginning to end.  

     Your caring attitude as well as patience, determination, and dedication to finding us what we were looking for paid off. You listened to me and searched and found Sarah, Sunshine (our puppy) and I a great place to call home.   

      Even after we bought the house you helped us with the little things, getting phone service, cable, electricity, and water.  The move was an easy one because of you.

    Thank you again.  I look forward to doing business with you again.




Andrea Fine
Boca Raton, Fl

Hi Irene,


I just wanted to email you to thank you for all your hard work in finding us the perfect condominium in Boca Raton.  Even though we were in Boca for only a week, you worked so diligently in showing us properties, especially the newly listed condos, so that we could have the opportunity to make the first bid.  When our offer on the first condo fell through, and we only had two days left, I was about to give up hope in buying a place in Boca.  You were a miracle worker in finding another condo we liked just days before we had to leave and ensuring that we got an early chance to see the place and make an offer.


I also want to thank you for going the extra mile and getting us the condo documents soon after our offer on the first condo was accepted.  This really helped us determine that the condo rules were too prohibitive for us to buy that place.  For the property we bought, you were such a big help in facilitating the closing of the condo, particularly since we were out of state residents and it would have been challenging at best if we had to handle these matters ourselves.  We are particularly grateful for your efforts in personally meeting with the condo association regarding the application for occupancy and tenant leasing.  We also appreciate all the time it took for you to coordinate with our bank agent and its appraiser, as well as the title company. 

Overall, it was a wonderful experience working with you, Irene, and we thank you for handling all the things most realtors don't seem to do and keeping us informed every step of the way.  I would definitely recommend you to my friends who are in the market for purchasing real estate in the area.


Thanks and take care,


Teruni and Eric Rosengren
Sharon MA

Dear Irene:
I would like to thank you for time and effort you spent in helping us find and buy a house. It was a learning experience for both Kathy and myself, as we have visited many parts of Florida but weren't overly familiar with any specific area. We found your knowledge and expertise very useful being a first time buyer in Florida. Personally I felt you took that little extra time when we met to find our needs/desires, and in the end we where able to find what we where looking for in a very short time. Actually you found two, we were just a little too slow deciding and lost out. I want to thank you again for making this an easy and rewarding experience for both Kathy and myself. I look forward to doing business with you again.

To whom it may concern

We were first time buyers in Florida, and we had the pleasure of having Irene Zingg as our agent. Irene went out of her way to make us feel special. We had limited time as we live over a thousand miles away and only had three days. Irene spent extensive hours over the first two days either doing research or driving us around to view properties. This work resulted in finding two properties that we liked, unfortunately one got sold before we got the chance to make an offer. But we purchased the other one.
We had searched for property before, for much longer that three days, and have come away with nothing of interest. I believe these results are a direct reflection on Irene's work ethic, attitude and desire to achieve positive results. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you

Kathy and Bill Surran
, MA





Investing our life time savings, our nest egg so to speak, into a worthwhile Real Estate Property, takes a very special person whose skills of professionalism, integrity, honesty and buyer friendly advantage are key essential components.
We foud these qualities in Irene Zingg, our Remax agent representative. Because of her high quality standards, we received a great Real Estate property investment which will make us happy throughout the rest of our lives.

Thank you ever so much!

Dennis Weiser and Maureen Lynch-Weiser

Boca Raton, Fl







I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for finding a great investment home for me. As you know I bought this property sight unseen based on your knowledge and experience and quite frankly I could not have made a better choice. Thank you for taking care of everything during the buying process, you made things very simple for me. This was my first investment property and being a foreign national there where many aspects of this purchase that I was unaware of such as insurance, taxes, renting the place, etc; and yet you really made the process seem simple. You where highly recommended to me by friends, and now, I will have the opportunity to refer you to my friends as well. I very much value your kindness, honesty, ethics and professionalism and I look forward to a long business relationship since as you know I plan to buy more investment properties in the near future.

Thank you again,


Juan C Soler







Most people like to write about their bad experiences but they often don’t when they have a good experience. I believe these are the times when we should take the time to write and let people know who’s doing things right. You are one of the most honest persons I have met, and by far the most honest agent. Although you work on commission, we always felt that you placed our interests before yours, you even discouraged us from buying a more expensive home because the least expensive was in much better conditions, we would have ended up buying this home regardless, but the fact that you pointed out the positive features as well as the negative made us really trust your judgment and encouraged us to trust you as a person. Your follow up was impeccable, especially since it took us six months to decide to finally buy a house; you where always ahead of everyone else during the transaction, you could anticipate what and when we would have to perform each task related to the purchase and you protected our interests like no one else would have done.

For all this and more, God bless you for being so professional, honest and empathetic.

Thank you, thank you. We are very happy with our new vacation home.



Caracas, Venezuela





 Irene has been our Real Estate agent for many years now, she has sold our property and sold other property to us and during all the years my family and I have done business with her we have always felt that we are in the best of hands, more than an agent she is our Real Estate consultant since she has gone beyond the tasks expected from a Real Estate agent, even when  we’re not in the process of buying or selling we know we can always count on her,  her honesty makes her a trustworthy person, she is driven and hardworking and we look forward to many more years of a business and personal relationship.



Caracas Venezuela